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September 7, 2021 admin Stephanie's Blog

So So Naughty Schoolgirl

I do love dressing as a very naughty schoolgirl. If I knew I’d be having this much fun I would of dressed this way when I was at school Stephanie Coxx As imagine myself in a classroom on detention I’m please that it’s the black male PE teacher that is having make me serve my detention as I hear he is very firm. I’m sat on my own in my chair at the back of the classroom wearing a white cropped blouse, the shortest miniskirt I could find, white over the knee socks and red strappy high heels shoes. Now

September 1, 2021 admin Stephanie's Blog

Extreme Bondage

This wasn’t romance. This was a hardcore Master out and out driving her to the upper level of madness, where her body was going to come completely to pieces before he was done. Cruel, but she craved his brand of cruelty. Joey W. Hill Now the bondage thing has always appealed to me at first not in a big way but it has now become somewhat a necessity. The thought of an extremely domineering master subjecting me to abuse at his will.  Me stretched with my limbs restrained so my holes are open and ready to be fucked by a

August 31, 2021 admin Stephanie's Blog

Cum for Mwah

Now I am a cum loving girl for Sure, I love it’s taste, texture, the way it feels on my skin and in my mouth and when it’s pumped in my ass. I love watching it spurt out of a cock in my direction with my mouth wide open ready to taste it. I do love a guy who can shoot a creamy thick load and lots of it, I’m such a sucker for a heavy cummer! I do enjoy a bukkake party with me being the only girl filled with a room full of men with big balls and

August 29, 2021 admin Stephanie's Blog

Dressing For Sex

Dressing For Sex Being a Tgirl , (Transvestite, Crossdresser) whatever I am, I enjoy dressing to please myself and maybe a male date. I always to have some degree of sexiness about me and dress appropriately for the occasion. Even though I’m 6ft tall I love wearing heals showing off my pins with short dresses and skirts. We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be. Laverne Cox What I Love Now I love the way nylon feels on my legs with my feet in heels I instantly feel at home with

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