I do love dressing as a very naughty schoolgirl.

If I knew I’d be having this much fun I would of dressed this way when I was at school

Stephanie Coxx

As imagine myself in a classroom on detention I’m please that it’s the black male PE teacher that is having make me serve my detention as I hear he is very firm.

I’m sat on my own in my chair at the back of the classroom wearing a white cropped blouse, the shortest miniskirt I could find, white over the knee socks and red strappy high heels shoes. Now I hear on the grapevine that he’s got the biggest thick cock and I need to set a good impression so he will want to fuck me.

So I’m summoned to the teachers desk so I get up and walk slowly one foot crossing the other whilst running my hands through my hair, my lips looking so wet with my glossy red lipstick and my white eyes piercing through the black eyeliner and thick mascara, god I look sexy me showing off so much body.

I’m at his desk and he stands tall being 6ft 3in. He grabs my hair and pulls it back making me look up at him as he puts his hand around my throat and squeezes before he turns me and bends me over his desk lifting my skirt exposing my white thong he pulls apart my ass cheeks before giving them a good hard slap. He pulls down my thong and throws it it the bin. He gets a tiny pink chastity device and puts that on my cock locking it.

He tells me to unfasten his belt and pull down his pants and out it pops, Wow and I mean fucking wow this cock is so fucking huge. My asshole is beginning to tremble at the thought of it. It so big and so gorgeous I did what any other girl in my position would do, I started to suck it filling my mouth sucking hard on it he put his hand on the back of my head, I stuck my tongue out further then I felt it go straight down my throat with his balls against my chin he held me there then when he pulled his cock out I gasped for air coughing and chocking thick saliva running from my open mouth and dripping from his cock, he throat fucks me again and again making me puke. He slaps my face so hard that I felt that it’s going to be a bruise before he throws me over his desk spits on my ass and lines up his throbbing cock with my ass and then forced it straight in balls deep hurting me I screamed out load as he fucked me slamming his cock deep and hard into my ass then the pain went away and I was now enjoying it so much that my sissy cock cum in it’s tiny cage I felt every orgasm and I didn’t want it to end.

He pulled out and he dragged me onto my knees and ordered me to open my mouth wide, me expecting a load of yummy hot cum but no, hot piss and lots of it saying “Yeah lap it up bitch, swallow it you fucking little cock sucking whore” I was sat there wet through in his piss then he shoves his cock deep down my throat face fucking me hard with his hands around my throat so he feel his cock before puling out and shooting lots of heavy cum all over my face, eyes and in my mouth.

So Yummy and I only got detention for breaking a pencil. What should I break next? X