Dressing For Sex

Being a Tgirl , (Transvestite, Crossdresser) whatever I am, I enjoy dressing to please myself and maybe a male date. I always to have some degree of sexiness about me and dress appropriately for the occasion. Even though I’m 6ft tall I love wearing heals showing off my pins with short dresses and skirts.

We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be.

Laverne Cox

What I Love

Now I love the way nylon feels on my legs with my feet in heels I instantly feel at home with myself, the feeling of being feminine actually completes me.

Dressing for a dinner date, drinks or a party is something I do love. I love this little black number as it shows off my legs in those black seamed hold up stockings with black open toe high heels guaranteed to catch the lads eyes. I would be more than happy for a guy to run his hand up the inside of my legs if I was standing at a crowded bar.

I do love the attention and I can be such a tease with my sexy moves on the dancefloor making sure that those looking have a good view of me, moving my hips with my arms up high so it raises my dress a little higher and when I have decided on who will be my prey I make my move.

If I’m out looking for guys then I wanna fuck. It would of taken me ages to get ready, to look at my best looking and feeling really sexy the least I would expect for all my hard efforts is my share of a hot guy with a gorgeous big hard cock for me to get my mouth around and suck so deeply filling my mouth and throat.

Then of course I have a hole that needs exploring and filling so turned on be the way I look and been acting with them that they feel the need to fuck me so very hard, thrusting and pounding my ass with their big cock and please me with lots of their cum on my face.

Heaven x